Policies & Procedures

Event Booking / Explanation of Fees

A down payment of $500.00 for Friday-Saturday rentals and $300.00 for Sunday-Thursday rentals is required at the time of booking to hold your date. Any remaining balance is due to later than 30 days prior to your event. Taxes apply to the rental amount at the combined state & local rate of 8.975%. We accept cash, check, or credit card. (A 2.75% convenience fee is applied to card payments.) Your rental includes access to the facility between the hours of 7:00AM and 12:00AM on the day of your event, use of the prep room, tables and chairs, and set-up & break-down of tables and chairs by The Opera House staff.

Set-up & Break-down

We do not allow clients to set up tables and chairs; this is to be done by The Opera House staff only. However, you may request a consultation to ensure proper set up.  The layout for your event must be finalized 5 days prior to your event. If there is an issue with the layout on the days leading up to or on the day of your event, contact The Opera House immediately. We will do our best to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee requested changes will be made. Clients are not allowed access to the storage room for additional tables/chairs. 


The Opera House does not issue refunds for cancellations, no exceptions. Subletting of an event date is not allowed and will deem your contract null and void.

Security Desposit

A security deposit of $325.00 is required no later than 30 days prior to your event. Failure to provide your security deposit within the allotted time deems your reservation null and void, and no refund will be issued.

The security deposit will be credited back to you if the following are completed satisfactorily:

-Clear tables and floor of all trash and decoration

-Throw all trash away (The Opera House provides your first set of trash bags only)

-Take all trash out to the dumpster, including bathroom trash

-Clean bar top

-Any vomit must be cleaned up entirely (DO NOT USE THE MOP)

-The prep room must be left in its original state, including mopping the floor (this can be done by caterer)

-You are NOT required to clean floors other than the prep room, with the exception of major spills which should be cleaned immediately

In the event that The Opera House is not left in satisfactory condition according to the above rules or any additional damages not mentioned above, you will forfeit your security deposit and it will not be refunded.

Clean-up Fee

If you would like us to do the cleaning after your event, please notify us ahead of time and pay the $125.00 clean-up fee. This will allow you to "just leave" after your event, however no major spills or standing liquid should be left on the floors or the bar top.

Hours of Access

The Opera House offers access to the facility between the hours of 7:00AM and 12:00AM on the day of your event. The week of your event, you will be required to walk through the facility for inspection of its condition. You will be shown how to operate the lights and heating/cooling and asked to sign off on the condition of the facility at that time.

You will be given a security code to access the building on the day of your event rather than a key. If you leave the facility at any time you must lock all doors behind you. You may give your code to any vendors you see necessary, such as a florist, DJ, cater, etc. Please make arrangements with vendors ahead of time as there will not be an attendant from The Opera House on-site to let them in.

Layout Change Fee

Clients are not allowed to set up tables and chairs or rearrange them during an event. If you would like the layout to be changed during your event (i.e. between a wedding ceremony and reception), you must notify The Opera House 2 weeks prior to your event and pay a $100.00 fee, and we will change the layout for you.

Sitting Fee

If you are interested in using The Opera House prior to your event for a photo shoot or bridal portraits, you are welcome to do so Monday through Thursday only. There is a $75.00 sitting fee. The session will not last longer than 2 hours, and you must work around other events going on during that time. Shceduling is subject to change.

Items NOT Permitted

Tacks, finishing nails, pins, tape, staples, etc. are not permitted to be used on the walls and floors. Command strips and zip-ties may be used, but must be removed at the end of the event even if the clean-up fee is paid. Rice, confetti, bubbles, glitter, rose petals, and birdseed are permitted outside only; however, the host or host group must clean them up. No fireworks are permitted on the property of The Opera House. Open flame candles are not permitted inside the building. You may use battery operated candles only. Red punch/drinks and chocolate fountains are not permitted.


It is your responsibility to obtain event insurance as well as to verify your hired vendors have the proper licensing and permits.

Damages or Loss of Personal Property

The Opera House is not responsible for any personal property and/or outside vendor's equipment brought onto the premises. The Opera House and its entities shall not be held responsible for damage or loss of articles or merchandise left on the premises prior to, during, or following the event and will not assume responsibility for the condition of personal items rented or supplied by the host or host group. You nor your vendors may leave supplies or equipment at The Opera House after an event. Any equipment or supplies left on the premises will be disposed of.

All equipment, floors, walls, doors, bathroom items, tables, chairs, and decorations provided by The Opera House will be inspected prior to the scheduled event date. The Opera House will be re-inspected following your event date. Damages will be the responsibility of the host or host group. You will lose your security deposit and will be subject to our collection policy. Our cost for anything damaged is at replacement cost.


The Opera House and its entities shall not be held liable for injuries acquired on the premises. The host or host group will incur responsibility for all injuries acquired during the rental period.


If alcohol is served, you must have a bartender over the age of 21 years old. Absolutely no underage drinking is permitted. Missouri Liquor Control Laws apply and are to be followed. No persons are permitted behind the bar at any time except for hired bartenders.


Cooking is not allowed on the premises, WARMING ONLY. Caterers may not leave dishes or supplies overnight, no exceptions. No chocolate fountains are allowed in The Opera House. If the host's hired catering company does not abide by the rules set forth, The Opera House reserves the right to exclude caterers from future events.

No Smoking or Offensive Music/Language

The Opera House is a non-smoking facility. Absolutely no smoking is permitted within the facility. All smoking is to be done outside and disposed of properly in the cigarette containers provided by The Opera House. If there is any evidence of smoking inside the building, including the bathrooms, at any time of the event, the party under contract will be subject to loss of security deposit.

No offensive music or language detectable from outside the facility will be tolerated. Such behavior may result in the termination of your event. If your event is terminated, no refund will be issued.


You may not charge admission to your event unless you are a non-profit event in which case you will need to present a tax exemption form; however, you may pre-sell tickets for your event and said tickets may be taken at the door.

Legal Occupancy


Legal occupancy numbers are those set forth by the Kennett Code Enforcement agency. However, we DO NOT recommend planning your event based upon these high numbers. Please follow the recommended occupancy numbers when planning your guest list.

Legal Occupancy:

The Full Opera House, 490 

The Grand Opera, 280

The Operetta, 210

Recommended Occupancy:

The Full Opera House, 300-350

The Grand Opera, 200

The Operetta, 100